Note System

In Turkish Music,whole tone is an interval of 9 comma. In Western Music, semitone is considered 4.5 comma and tampere system composed of 12 notes was developed. Mi-fa interval and si-do interval are 4,5 commas in Western System and 4 comma in Turkish Music. In Turkish Music, of nine commas, those numbered 1-4-5-8-9 are used in different makams and system consist of 24 notes.

Names of notes in Turkish System

Notes in second octave;
çargah (do), nim hicaz, hicaz, dik hicaz, neva (re), nim hisar, hisar, dik hisar, hüseyni (mi), acem (fa), evinç, mahur, dik mahur, gerdaniye (sol), nim şehnaz, şehnaz, dik şehnaz, muhayyer (la), sünbüle, dik sünbüle, tiz segah, tiz buselik (si), tiz dik buselik, tiz çargah (do).